Our projects vary from urban planning to furniture design. We design offices, schools, kindergartens, apartments, hotels and industrial buildings. We are also specialized in nursing homes for elderly and disabled people. We are experienced in refurbishing facades of historical buildings, too.
Our smaller scale projects include private houses and interior and furniture design.

We have also experience in concept design, invitational competitions and teaching students at  Aalto University.

Starting from the year 2017 Ponkala Architects Ltd has been a partner and in a key expert role in the Sharjah Construction Industry Innovation Challenge Program for developing 3D printing and robotics for building industry in the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.



Saga Care Käpylinna, nursing home and care homes, renovation and extension, Helsinki
Koy Onnenlähde, nursing home for disabled, new building, Turku
Turun Ukkokoti, renovation and extension, nursing home, Turku
Vanhainkoti Onnela, Salvation Army foundation nursing home, renovation, Turku
Uotilan vanhustentalo, nursing home, new building, Rauma
Uotilan palvelukeskus, nursing home, new building, Rauma


The New School, a new sustainable 3D printed school, Nakuru, Kenya

Raunistulan koulu, renovation and extension, Turku
Lemun kirkonpiirin koulu, new building and extension, Lemu
Kisakallion koulu, new building, Lieto
Kerttulan koulu, renovation and extension, Raisio
Merimaskun koulu, renovation and extension, Merimasku
Opintien koulu, renovation, Loimaa
Tuureporin koulu, renovation, Turku
Eskelin koulu, renovation, Turku
Puolalanmäen koulu, renovation, Turku
Paimalan koulu, renovation, Turku
Kähärin koulu, renovation, Turku
Liedon-Tarvasjoen koulu, renovation, Lieto
Myllymäen koulu, renovation, Laitila
Varppeen koulu, renovation and extension, Laitila
Pohjoiskulman koulu, renovation and extension, Laitila
Henrikin koulu, renovation, Nousiainen



Laitilan ammatillinen aikuiskoulutuskeskus, Laitila
V-S karjatalouskoulu, Naantali
Vehmaan maatalousoppilaitos, Vehmaa
Turun kotitalousoppilaitos, Turku
Loimaan maatalousoppilaitos, renovation and extension, Loimaa
L-S metsäkoulu, renovation, Paimio
Kuulovammaisten ammattikoulu, renovation, Turku


Velkua church, renovation
Kustavi church, renovation
Vahto church, renovation
Merimasku church, renovation and new building
Iniö church, renovation
Mellilä church, renovation
Raisio church, workshop building, Raisio
Taivassalo parish summer camp, Taivassalo
Parish summer camp Mannerlahti, Lemu-Askainen-Masku
Masku vicarage, renovation
Velkua vicarage, renovation
Naantali vicarage, renovation
Lemu vicarage, renovation


Turun Vankimielisairaala, hospital renovation, Turku
Turku occupational health care center, renovation, Turku
Turku and Pori county occupational safety and health center, new building, Turku
Health care center, new building, Raisio
Regional hospital, operation theatres,  equipement centre, extension, Raisio
Regional hospital, X-ray departments, outpatient clinics and ward,renovation, Raisio


Koljolan day care center, new building, Nousiainen
Varppeen lastentalo, day care center, new building, Raisio
Laitilan lastentalo, day care center, new building, Laitila
Littoisten päiväkoti, day care center, new building, Lieto
Merimaskun päiväkoti, day care center, renovation, Merimasku
Taimon päiväkoti, day care center, new building, Naantali


Yrjö Liipola Art Museum, Koski


Paattisten virastotalo, new building, Turku
Lännen Puhelin, new building, Raisio
Laitilan Puhelinosuuskunta, new building, Laitila
Laitilan Sähkö Oy, central warehouses and workshops, Laitila
Ilpoisten sähköasema, new building, Turku
Perkkolan liiketalo, new building, Laitila
Sata-Häme research station, renovation, Mouhijärvi
Nousiainen town hall, renovation, Nousiainen


– residential properties
– row housing
– detached houses
– farm buildings
– industrial buildings and factories
– city planning
– shore plan areas
– hotels